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About us

About Us

In the summer of 2020, Zach, the owner of Super Nova Pest Control, faced an unexpected opportunity to move to Lewiston, Idaho, and manage a portion of a motel. Despite having no prior experience in running a business or managing a team, he accepted the offer.


As he settled into his new role, Zach quickly discovered one of the motel’s biggest problems: a persistent bed bug infestation. Lacking experience in bed bug treatment, Zach reached out to several local pest control companies but was disappointed with the quality of service they provided.


This frustrating experience led Zach to realize an opportunity to return to his area of expertise: pest control. Before moving to Lewiston, Zach had spent five years working in the pest control industry. Drawing on this background, he decided to tackle the bed bug problem himself.


Instead of giving up, Zach utilized his industry resources and devised a plan to eliminate the bed bugs. His successful efforts soon led to the creation of Super Nova Pest Control.  The company now has over 200+ 5 Star reviews and has served over 500 customers.

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Safety & wellness first

Here at Super Nova Pest Control we take safety as a priority when taking care of your pest issues.

Customer-Focused Solutions

Our commitment is to create tailored treatment plans, ensuring they align with each customer's unique requirements.


As a family owned and operated business we make sure to take care of our customers as we would our own families.

quality equipment

At Super Nova Pest Control we pride ourselves in using quality equipment and products to ensure the best results for our customers.

Fast Service

Being a local company we are able to make you a priority and get you on the schedule in no time.

Support 24/7

Although we are a small operation we make sure your needs and concerns are met as promptly as possible with our 24 hr guarantee.

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We’re here to assist you with any pest concerns you may have.

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